She is the founder and chairperson of Women In The Making. She completed Agricultural Management Diploma at TUT and her B-Tech at UNISA. She works as an Agricultural Research Technician. She is a South African Haggai Institute 2018 Alumni and is currently studying counselling Psychology with UNISA, which she intends to use to provide counselling for young people in the community.

She has a passion for young people and has been working with youth groups since 2006. She is currently mentoring a few young people who are growing tremendously and have also started mentoring others. She is a motivational speaker and was invited to speak at a number of school events in Bela Bela. She believes in sacrificial servitude and is striving to teach others the same.

“ Mathew 23:11 But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant. And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted. KJV”



Jaqueline Musi

Born and raised in White City Jabavu, Soweto. A graduate in Human Resource Management and currently pursuing an Honours Degree with UNISA. She is the Co-Founder and Deputy Chairperson of the organization.

Passionate about teaching young people about Jesus Christ and the importance of getting education. Mentoring and coaching young minds is her life. She has a spirit of excellence in everything she does.

Her motto in life is, “Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living” by Albert Einstein



Born in Bela-Bela, Ezra did his Primary schooling at Mmampatile Public Primary School, he later moved to Tembisa and matriculated in 2003 at Ingqayizivele High School. He has a Diploma in Sound Engineering and a theater production company called Bela Bela Theater Productions in 2005.

He is a Pastor and founder of The Gifts of Yahweh International Ministries established in 2011. He is currently serving as the Area Director for Young Life South Africa.



Amos Kagiso Lazarus Poole

Amos Kagiso Lazarus Poole was born on the 7th of November 1993, at Bela Bela. He is the fifth born in his family on his mother’s side, and he was raised by his sister the second born in the family. He matriculated in 2012 and for the first time he got a certificate for the highest pass in Mathematics. He is an artist, he Draws, he writes Poems, does music and is also an Author.

He is passionate about helping others, and being an inspiration to the young generation, to see them growing up to be responsible, respectful and to be great leaders of tomorrow. In 2014 he became a member in Reuben Bainaar Ministries, and on the same year he was introduced to Young Life (YL) and later to Women In The Making (WITM), Men Of Power (MOP) And Project Hope Africa and that’s when he became a Leader.

After some years, he became a young Pastor in the Ministry, and in the year of 2019 on the 21st of March, he was Ordained as an official Pastor. He is a very shy person, but when it comes to helping and serving he goes all out. He loves Mathematics and studies Financial Information Systems In Tshwane University Of Technology At Ga-Rankuwa Campus.

There’s nothing that makes him more than happy to see a child happy, children are what brings joy to him and working and pouring his heart out to the Youth. He likes to say, “BE WHO GOD WANTS YOU TO BE”. 





He is a qualified Civil Engineering Technician who is currently a lecturer and CETA facilitator at Waterberg TVET college. He is currently lecturing three subjects at the college namely Construction Supervision Level 4, Masonry Level 4 and Mathematics Level 3. He is also an ordained Pastor at Reuben Bainaar Ministries as of the 21st of March 2019. He has an eye for art, he is a self taught graphic designer and is responsible for the graphic projects of the organisation. He has been actively involved with the organisation since 2014. He teaches the girls Mathematics and Physical Science during Saturday school.     

He has a heart to serve the community and has a passion for young people which has seen him being actively involved in their development. He is involved in other youth ministries namely: Young Life, Men Of Power and Project Hope Africa, this same passion lead him into lecturing and facilitating. Through these avenues, he has the opportunity to interact with more young people on a daily basis.

Victor has a desire to see more young entrepreneurs and encourages young people to venture into business instead of looking for employment. He offers his graphic design services for free to aspiring entrepreneurs and helps them with the overall branding of their companies. 






He was born 4th March 1993. He matriculated in 2012 and  he started working  at a company called AFGRI in 2013 for a period of 9 months as general worker. He is a Young Life leader and is being trained to become an Area Director. He is also a Pastor at Reuben Bainaar Ministries where he started serving since 2017. He is actively involved involved with the organisation, he oversees the entire Saturday school programme, he ensures that things go as planned. He is so good at logistics that he does logistics for three organisations, Women In The Making, Young Life and Project Hope Africa.

He has a passion to help and serve others and desires to see people grow in their spiritual life. He has learned to mentor young people in the many organisations he is involved in. He is the founder of Christian Fellowship Network which is a neutral place for Christians from different denominations to share ideas and fellowship together.





She was born on the 9th July 1992. She completed her studies at Raeleng Seconday School. In 2013 she started working at a company called African trust as a general worker .She is a Young Life leader and a worshiper at Reuben Bainaar Ministries. She loves serving snd helping her community.

She has a passion for catering which lead her to work with many catering business. She is working on starting her own catering company with the great experience she recieved working in the catering industry. 

She has been involved in the organisation since 2017 




She was born on the 08th November 1991, she went to school at Raeleng secondary school. She is currently working at EPWP. Portia loves to cook, she makes sure that every child gets enough food. She has a heart for the youth, she is a Young Life Leader and is regularly involed in youth development in her community.

She has been serving in the organisation since 2017.






The young man was born in 1995-01-18 in Bela Bela and went to school at Raeleng Secondary School. He matriculated in 2016. He began serving in the organisation in 2018 a teacher in education sector. He came in to help out in the Saturday School programme but has now become very crucial to the organisation. He oversees the Saturday School Programme with Wesley and have formed a formidable partnership together. He is also involved in the day to day operations of the organisations.

He is currently in full time ministry serving in a local Church called Bread of Life. He is passionate about ministering and sharing the word of God. He is being mentored to become a pastor.

He has a passion for performing arts, he is an actor, author and a writer. He has written plays that have been performed around Bela-Bela.