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What we do…

Bible Distribution

Each year we acquire bibles, either by donation or by purchasing them and we have a day where we hand them out to the kids that don’t have them.

Miss Women In The Making

We have an annual event where we select the young who will represent us. Our selection criteria is not based on beauty but overall character. She has to portray good leadership qualities and good character

Back To School

We believe that every child has the right to education and believe that they should be afforded the opportunity to go to school feeling confident and not lacking the things they need. For this reason we provide school shoes, bags and anything a child will need for school.

Saturday School

We believe education is the key to success and would love to see each child do well in their studies, for this reason we have Saturday tutoring classes where we help the girls with their school work.

Birthday Celebration

We value and treasure each child and believe that they should have the opportunity to be celebrated. For this reason we have quarterly birthday celebrations for each child who had a birthday in that quarter. Each child receives their own gift.

Purity Pledge

We believe in the Christian Principle of no sex before marriage and believe one should be pure in heart, spirit and mind. This lead us to start teaching the girls about purity and the impact it has on their spiritual and everyday life.

Academic Awards

We value education and believe that each child deserves to be recognized for the hard work they put in their school work. During our year end celebration we give out certificates, medals and trophies to motivate our girls to go the extra mile.

Our Board Members

Makosha Mamabolo

Founder & Chairperson

Jaqueline Musi

Co-Founder & Deputy Chairperson

Ezra Matthews


Amos Kagiso Lazurus Poole


Wesley Obadiah Ramasodi


Mahlatjie Victor Mamabolo

PR Officer

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